Inuit Qajaq Spirit

My passion lies in sharing the Greenland qayaq culture through teaching paddling, rolling, building, and rope gymnastics.  I have taught in my home country as well as Canada, Denmark, England, Italy, Japan, Spain, Iceland and more than ten states in the U.S.  People around the globe tell me they learned to roll by watching my film, Rolling With Maligiaq 1998.  I contributed to and/or appear in the films Allunaariaqattaarneq (translation: Rope Gymnastics Instructional Film) Greenland Rope Gymnastics.  The film This is the Sea (first edition) featured me as one of the top 3 sea kayak paddlers in the world.  Promoting interest and understanding in Greenland kayaking has lead me to assist three non-Greenland based organizations form as members of Qannaat Katuffiat, the Greenland Qayaq Club.

Let's qajaq together !…

Clinics for Individuals and Groups

– strokes
– rolling
– safety & rescue
– rope gymnastics
– harpoon making and throwing
– on-land strength training for optimum qajaq performance
– History of indigenous Qayaqs of arctic

Building Classes for Individuals and Groups

– skin on frame qajaqs
– paddles
– hunting tools, including harpoons

Custom Qajaqs and Paddles

– built by me to your specific measurements and pursuits (rolling, racing, touring, hybrid) as Inuit hunters have been doing for generations

nature exploration

let’s travel together into the wild land of greenland and Alaska to discover the traditional and contemporary culture of the Inuit kayak

week-end adventure

– day 1
– day 2

week adventure

– day 1
– day 2
– day 3
– day 4
– day 5

Online Store
Part of my passion is sharing the qajaq traditions, skills and styles I have learned and developed with paddlers around the world.  My buddies – world-renowned rolling and ropes instructor, Dubside, and Wayne, owner and operator of the University of Sea Kayaking – and I made this instructional DVD series Greenland Rolling with Maligiaq & Dubside to give paddlers the information they need to begin acing their rolls.  What we teach is the traditional Greenland Inuit style of rolling.  It remains very important to us that when we teach, we are conveying and maintaining Greenland rolling as it has been practiced for thousands of years.

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